Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Number 2

My mother bugs me daily that I should get this blog up and running again. I figure that if Nathan can write a blog post for our other blog that I could probably make a post for this one. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I am due the 30th of March. Apparently we like March babies : ) Here is some photographic evidence of the little bun in my oven:

 17 weeks
16 weeks 
15 weeks
14 weeks
13 weeks (I don't know what's going on with this weird smile...)
12 weeks 
 11 weeks (and wow, Stand up straight Natalie!!)
10 weeks

The first trimester I was pretty nauseaous all the time. I am over that now and feeling a lot more energy. I still need my daily nap, but I am doing well! We find out the gender on the 12th of November. I think girl (more like hope girl. It would be nice not to have to buy new clothes!) and Nathan thinks/hopes boy. That is all for now! (Are you happy Mother??)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

2 month stats

We had to wait a little while once we moved here to get insurance all figured out and by the time we did Alana was really 2 1/2 months. She was 12 pounds, 24 inches long, and her head was 41 cm. She is chunking up quite nicely! : )
She is also loving spending time with her cousins, aunt, and uncle. Hooray the Buffingtons!
She also enjoys reading (how smart!)
And she had her first day at the beach!
How cute!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

One whole month!

We took a few pictures and a video today in honor of her one month-a-versary.

This is her chubby face:
This is our size comparison:
With Auntie Meg:
And some bathtime fun!
This was at Nathan's Mission Reunion:
I thought her outfit was so cute!
This is her kissing her toy cow:
And a video of her smiling:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some photos for your viewing pleasure

3 weeks

4 generations

first family picture

mexican baby

st. patties day baby

cute outfits

cute face...

bath time

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 37

I only have a few minutes before Nathan will find me not laying down and kick me off the computer.... but I just wanted to do a brief update. Sunday we went to the hospital because I felt I was more swollen than I usually am and after some observations and blood draws they sent me home to collect my urine for 24 hours. I also was told to make a doctors appointment for Monday to see how the fluid was around the baby and if my blood pressure was still high. Well. First I was diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia, and second the ultrasound showed something that I wasn't expecting, although it didn't surprise me. The baby is breech. Her head is up by my left ribs and her feet are by my right ribs. Even though I had been told twice that they thought the head was down. Because she is breech they made an appointment with the perinatologist today. After some more ultrasounds he said that there was a possibility that he could turn her, but it was a less than 50% chance that it would work. And if they tried and it didn't work, then the likelihood of an emergency C-section was pretty high. So, we decided to just schedule a c-section. Because of my pre-eclampsia they decided that they would schedule it for tomorrow! So tomorrow we are going to the hospital at 5:15 with a c-section at 7:15. Our little baby will be here tomorrow!!!! They kept telling us that the baby is doing very well and we can hardly wait to meet her. We'll post pictures as soon as we have some!

Last picture at 37 weeks:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 36 (edited with pictures)

Yes, I know. No post last week. I'm sorry. I didn't even get a picture taken! The problem is that I don't take the pictures until night time, and then I'm in my pajamas and I don't want to change. And blah blah blah. But I did take a picture this week! I also found a diaper bag. Hooray! I've been looking for one that wasn't pink, or blue, or green. And I found it! Hooray!

I also recently got a Boppy Nursing pillow. Good times. Today I've cleaned our bedroom so that baby Salt has some area to sleep in. Fun. (or not...) I'm trying to get everything ready in case she decides to come early, but motivation lacks most of the time. Nothing else new has really happened. I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday. I am not dialated at all. Boo. I'm going to have start walking a lot and hope that it starts things along!

Now to the picture. I just looked at it and decided I can not possible post it on this blog. It is far to hideous. So I will take another picture and update it later today!

Ok, here is this weeks picture, as suggested by my dad:
Ha Ha!! Get it? It's a beached whale!!! That's pretty much what I look like!
Here's a full body shot so that you can see how, big my stomach is compared to my body:
Let's just say that I'm ready for this baby to get here!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 34

I realize that I keep getting slackier and slackier when it comes to updating my blog on time. Please bear with me! Week 34 was pretty fun. We've been organizing our place a little since we're moving and all, so the packing has begun! Although I hate packing our little girls things away knowing that she won't be able to use it before we move... But it must be done! So I continue to press forward with the packing! I also had my baby shower this week. My visiting teachers threw it for me and it turned out way fun! I really felt loved. And the baby felt loved too, especially since she got new clothes and toys!!! : ) Here are some pictures of the event:

Purple and green for colors? Man, it's like people know me or something! : ) Most of the pictures from the shower turned out kindof blurry/there were some REAL unattractive pictures of me.... so here are pictures that I took of everything : )

From Elissa

From RC and Wanda. Basically the cutest shoes ever!

From Steph

From Grandparents McKernan

From Tracy

From Emily

From Heather

From Nicole

Pacifier clips! How cute!

From Amy

From Lindsay

From the Missengers. More cute shoes!

From Nancy and Mary

From Julia and Nicole

From Chris and Emily

From Polyanna. It was a beautiful diaper cake at one time...

that had these accessories:

From Fredricka

From Megan

From Kathy

From Jen

Look at the craftiness!

From Amy and Claudia

From Abby, I love these!

From my Mom

As you can see, baby Salt got very spoiled. I just get very happy thinking about all the things that people gave us and can't thank them enough! Thanks!!!!

And here is my 34 week pictures. Nathan took it and said, "I'm not going to lie. You look huge." Ugh. I definitely feel it! Only a few weeks left! Hooray!