Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Number 2

My mother bugs me daily that I should get this blog up and running again. I figure that if Nathan can write a blog post for our other blog that I could probably make a post for this one. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I am due the 30th of March. Apparently we like March babies : ) Here is some photographic evidence of the little bun in my oven:

 17 weeks
16 weeks 
15 weeks
14 weeks
13 weeks (I don't know what's going on with this weird smile...)
12 weeks 
 11 weeks (and wow, Stand up straight Natalie!!)
10 weeks

The first trimester I was pretty nauseaous all the time. I am over that now and feeling a lot more energy. I still need my daily nap, but I am doing well! We find out the gender on the 12th of November. I think girl (more like hope girl. It would be nice not to have to buy new clothes!) and Nathan thinks/hopes boy. That is all for now! (Are you happy Mother??)


  1. I'm glad your mom is happy...I am too :) Congrats and I'll hope girl for you as well because I'm telling you, 2 in a row of the same saved me TONS of money :)

  2. Glad your mom has been "bugging" you as I also get to see the pictures and am happy about it. :)

  3. So where is Nathan's blog post? Did I miss it? Or do I need to bug him daily? ;)